Hearing Conservation

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1) 1. What are the components of the Company’s hearing conservation program?

2) 2. What is the purpose of the sound surveys?

3) 3. It is an OSHA requirement that all noise above 105 dBA must be eliminated from the work place.

4) 4. A baseline audiogram shows your initial hearing status and is used for comparison to future audiograms.

5) 5. Audiograms can be used to determine if an individual’s hearing loss is due to exposure to noise or non-noise factors, such as medical problems.

6) 6. Formable foam plugs are the only type of hearing protection that is approved for use in the plant.

7) 7. The Noise Reduction Rating (NNR) is printed on each box of hearing protectors and tells the minimum amount of hearing protection you should expect from that product.

8) 8. Over exposure to loud noises will must likely result in damage to what part of the ear?

9) 9. When should you wear hearing protection?

10) 10. ______________is a ringing or buzzing in your head that can be an early sign of hearing damage and is especially noticeable in a quite place.